Friday, 28 October 2016


This is my new old logo and my new logo. Yes, I know it looks very similar to the last logo but I promise you it's different. It is a redraw of the hairstyle that has made me famous. Well by Famous, I mean unique and by unique, I mean it's my USP. It smooths out the rough edges of my old logo making it look more tidy. It has a different typeface (yes it looks very similar to the old one) but this is a much more usable typeface. The hair is more orange and the text is blue this time. I have also made it smaller. 

I have tried to make it look the same as before, so my buiness cards remain valid. [Yer a bit of a cheapskate aren't you, James.] It was only a draft logo originally for a uni project and it has done me really well so far but this is now the first re-cut and revision. 

Hope you like it...So many changes in one go...eek it's exciting stuff.

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