Monday, 10 October 2016

Mind Your Head #WorldMentalHealthDay

One in four of us will suffer from mental health problems at one time in our life, which is worrying. Suicide is on the rise, which is worrying. We are in this situation from years of neglect treating mental health problems. I have a solution. Teach children about it. Simple.

Option one;

Education is the key to most of society of problems but if you teach children that is normal to be sad. It's not normal to feel it for weeks on end. Teach children in primary and secondary school about it; along side sex education and politics (well... schools don't teach that but that's for another time). It should be a given. Schools teach a lot of things and there is always the reply "where do we fit it in?" Strangely my trip through the education system has told me that some of what you are taught is not useful full stop. and some is useful to the small minority. Instead of cram this mental health class in on top of classes; rearrange everything that is taught in school. That's radical but it might just relieve the stress and change priorities.

or option two; read this book in PHSE/Citizenship.

I got this book in Waterstones in Sunderland town centre on a whim because I thought I was too old for it (I am only 21). But it helped me so much. I not just understand what I have been through but what others go through as well as teach me about; drink, drugs as well as body image problems. None of these problems were ever discussed in my school and yet I realise now a lot of the people at my school had one or the other. I cannot recommend this book enough; even if you are clued up about this stuff you might learn something new.

 This book opened my eyes and I would love to see people read it in schools so that they maybe educated on what the rest of their lives may hold. Life is tricky for many people in many ways; let this be your rule book to at least understand some of what you are going through

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