Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Placement; Day One - Jump into the FOG

First day on the job and I feel really comfortable. Straight in 10 o clock and the team treat me like I have been there weeks. A joke and then back to work, seems to be the scheme here. Reasonable lunch break and deadlines for work. The office even has a Ping Pong table; I didn't expect that.

Been working on some posters for a gym run by the manager here. However trying to come up with synonyms for train (the exercise one and not the one Corbyn sat on the floor of) isn't as easy as it sounds. I have no knowledge of whether I can share these work in progress versions or not so here is a really awkward crop of one of the posters;

I look forward to seeing what additional days and weeks have in store for me. I think a packed lunch might be more cost effective instead of a store bought £3 lunch trip everyday. But I have saved money on metro travelling with a week pass. It is odd starting on a Wednesday but that's just the way it's panned out.

I believe this week panned out so well because of seeing Mr Richardson (my secondary school GCSE English teacher) on Monday. That teacher taught me so much, even though the class was so rowdy, he battled through that and gave the people who wanted to learn the time and space to do while he dealt with the more rowdy members of the class. I have seen him three time since he retired and I left school and he always asks after me and wishes me luck in the future. Massive thank you (if you are reading this)!

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