Sunday, 29 May 2016

Graphic Designer, Musician, Cherry Bakewell Lover, #Grillustetc

Graphic Designer, Musician, Cherry Bakewell Lover, etc; best blog post title ever I think. All of these things I am and more. Thats the point of the etc. And that's why our final year exhibition at university is call that. We are all doing the same course, Grillust, but we are so much more than that. and on the 4th June 2016, we will show you prove to you all, that this is true.

I went to university to study a course, to get the knowledge and the qualification that comes at the end of it. But I have ended up learning so much more than the tools of the trade and I believe that a lot of other people have too. I have made life long friendships (I hope), I have leant how to live away from home and that anyone can do a university course; but making the most of it, is more important. That's what Tdawg always said and I still hold that to be true.

Anyway, I am writing this as an in direct invite to the opening night of exhibition on the fourth or the whole following week where it is open to the public. Design in a gallery can be confusing as it removes it's context but don't worry we have beautiful illustration to counterpoint this. If you love design, love illustration or just curious come along. We don't bite.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Thursday Thoughts; suprise euro-sceptic

 My name is James Reay and I am a euro-sceptic. Not because I want World War three (see David Camer-wrongs comments), not because I want to please ISIS (see Camer-wrongs comments again) or because I believe that the EU is Hitler (Bozza's comments) but because I don't think it's working out. We pay money to be part of a club that I don't see working for us. I don't agree with the rhetoric or some of the key arguments put before me.
  • Immigration is not an issue that concerns me with the EU. But Vote leave are keen to bring it up. Time and Time and Time and Time Again.
  • I am concerned about the money aspect. We spend money only to get some back so why don't we pay less up front. Is that an odd suggestion?
  • Sovereignty is an issue; laws made by people I have never met, seen or elected, making laws that get implemented whether I like them or not. 
  • The remain campaign are worried if we leave we will lose influence in the world. I couldn't care less. A quiet life not policing the world. problems or getting into illegal wars, sounds fine to me.
  • Ever closer union is worrying. A superstate Europe is a step closer to New World Order. True or not, it is a scary thought.
  • The £9.4million brochure promoting one side of the argument was a rubbish attempt to sway the vote in favour of the government. Maybe protecting Cameron's future as PM. This is money that will have to be privately funded but the opposing side. Unfair really.
These are a few thoughts on Europe. I haven't made up my mind but I am swaying leave based on the above & because haven't heard any staying in compelling staying in arguments.

Also buy my EU zine at the up and coming etc exhibition at the University of Cumbria.

Here is the Facebook event page; Free Beer & Food on the opening night;
Here is the face 'like' page 

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Thursday Thoughts; This is the End

First I'd like to apologise for last Thursday. Thursday I do a weekly segment where I talk about about everything/anything but this didn't happen. I normally write each post a week in advance but forgot to schedule a post, I was too busy trying to make sure everything was in order for my final hand in..ever. Yep you heard me. Final hand in ever because I don't ever see myself doing education again. It's only theory from here on out and I am no good at that. I'm also a practitioner, doing work for other people.

I have spent three years doing work for the same group of people, some work good, some work rubbish. Sharing a work space with the same bunch of 40 people. I like most of them and it's scary to say that in a few weeks I will say bye for the last time. This also applies to the 2nd years that I have become friends with. (if the is a missing m in this text it's because that key is sticking on my laptop).

I have enjoyed my time at uni but I think its because of the company that I have kept not because of the teaching. I have liked most of it but it has been inconsistent. Good projects matched with build a dog inspired by architecture or do a brief that you have to pay for the privilege to submit. If you are reading this team grillust take note.

I look forward to getting a foot in industry but it is very scary; I have gone as far as I want to with education which has taken up most of my life so far so not to have the safety net of the education system is an unknown, I have not known this.

I will leave you with this thought; it was a £9000 a year adventure that my family didn't think I'd take. I have learnt a lot, my family are proud of me and my brother is following in my footsteps (and doing a better job of it...maybe)

For a vaguely chronological story of me at uni; see below

Friday, 6 May 2016

I wouldn't normally do this sort of thing

Pet Shop Boys Quote to start proceedings tonight. Unusual but not unexpected from a PSB fan.

Anyway...Glastonbury, that festival that happens most years and this year I have entered a competition put on by the festival, this is the thing that I wouldn't normally do. I hate design competitions because they tend to be tedious and have to pay for entry. This was free and the prize is tickets to the festival and more. so made sense.

Glastonbury wanted a logo to stop people peeing on the grass. Toilets = place to pee. In front of people into a plastic beer glass that will be flung into a crowd or poured on the crowd = not the right place too pee. I pushed to be mini poster because conceptualizing/ boiling it down to a logo seemed "impossible.

As you may see I have ripped off a famous song to push the message because a lot of those who go to Glastonbury do tend to be music people so they will get the joke and appreciate it or will hate it (stupid Rockists, I am looking at you). 

I entered this two weeks ago and there is three days to go before expiration so hop to it if you want the chance to go to Glastonbury 2016.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Thursday Thoughts; Confidence is a Preference

The end is nigh! is being shouted in our general direction as a class by the tutors. The people who have taught us for the past three years. Its gone quickly. Yes. It has caused me stress. Yes. Am I better for it? probably.

We have been prepping work for the exhibition and for our portfolios and have come to the conclusion that I like my work. I never thought that I would say that. Some of it's clunky, some of it could be tweaked and some could easily thrown in the bin and forgotten about but the few case studies that I could bring up; Conventional Experimental Records, the EU zine, the work for Young Minds (which is being printed), Some of the Brickyard Posters...I could go on.

Confidence is harder than I thought to find but I have found it. I am going to have to cling onto it as long as I can, as I need it for the grillust exhibition. To network with strangers, talk to strangers and then to sell things to strangers. I will HAVE to do it so I WILL do it. That's the best strategy that I have for doing things that seem scary.

To conclude were I thought we were going; If I have confidence in me, the stranger/client will have confidence in me and they will hire me.