Sunday, 26 October 2014

The Big Reveal

Its all been very quiet on my blog recently but don't worry, its not because I don't love you people its because I have had a very stressful week taking photographs for my uni project. I thought I that I would use this opportunity to reveal, since it is nearly halloween, my costume. Prepare to start singing hits like "Jean Genie", "Drive in Saturday" and "Panic in Detroit". I am dressing up as a personal hero; David...Boowie? David Bowie. I mean....or do I?

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Digital Punk

 Digital DIY. Punks would of hand drawn these and hand coloured them using felt tip pens and then photocopied the life out of them. In modern times. Punks if they want this aesthetic can just use a computer tablet and a pen. No Photocopier. No Cost. You loose a little of the style but is an easy way of getting hand drawn text and images onto the computer. 

I did these flyers to promote records in general as i do consider them to be a marvelous invention. It has since become a status symbol for hipsters who want to look fashionable. Punks would of made flyers like this themselves to promote the new single or EP as it was the cheapest most cost effective way of doing so.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

formed a band and had loads of good fonts

if typefaces were instruments they would probably would read like this. The typeface is in red and the additional characters that they require to name the instrument. enjoy.

Love Is Love

Love is love, imagine being told you can't love the person you love more than anyone in the world simply because they are of the same sex as yourself. Love is all you need, the Beatles were right. Many people daily are feeling the effects of homophobia; verbal abuse, Physical abuse as well as sexual abuse and it's not fair. Society has come along way but it still needs to go further. No one should have to suffer because of love. It is universal, we all feel it for various things and a significant amount of people feel it for others. I love Music and Graphic Design and Cherry Bakewells. I love my friends; some of which who actually suppressed who they were through fear of homophobia.

I have lots of causes that are close to my heart and I want to promote them through my blog. Click and Share and we can promote equality in society. STAMP OUT HOMOPHOBIA.