Monday, 29 June 2015

I am out of the office + I hate Social media

 If you did not read my last post, this is a reminder, James Reay Design will not be active for 2 weeks due to a family holiday. You can still contact me via my website or at the email
I hate Social media but have to embrace it. Tell your friends my plans for design domination are not a secret. My bid to have a better record collection than you are not classified. My boards on Pinterest are not just to benefit me. Please don't be shy. PS here is a picture taken on my last holiday of some hand drawn type with no sense of kerning;

Saturday, 27 June 2015

It's been a slow old summer

Sorry to the faithful but no much has been happening in camp James. so here's where I am at, at this moment in time before my holidays commence tomorrow

The Bad
  • I have threaten to redesign my site but with mixed reviews I haven't launched it.
  • I have sent over 200 emails out to company emails and facebook messaged another 50+ to limited replies across the board. 
  • The ones who have replied to my emails have been time wasters.
  • my third year buddies will not be there when I go back in September
The Good
  • I am in talks with a NE based charity about doing flyers to promote and launch the charity into the wider community.
  • I've made the finals of the university branding projects for the Hadfield Trust which upon success or failure will be put up.
  • Summer Projects from uni have come through and will be doing them upon my return to this country so stay tuned for them. 
  • My dissertation proposal hasn't been given the green light but with more work this is so plausible. 
  • I am going to NME as an intern when I get back.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

London Calling. Track Three.

So yeah, I like Jazz. It's not a dirty word, Jazz is one of the most boundry pushing genre of music. I am not talking about the Trad or the big band. Davis, Coltrane, Gordon, Mobley, Shorter, Mingus, Coleman, Monk. All genius' in the field of Jazz. So to do a poster about jazz but reference the best band of all time (personally), you'd think I had gone mad. But Jimmy Jazz by the Clash spells it in an interesting way hence this poster. I chose to make it a poster as it would have more appeal. I do quite like it so may do a full branding so stay tuned.

PS Listen to my Jazz guys. My recommendations are
  • Dexter Calling by Dexter Gordon
  • A Love Supreme by John Coltrane
  • Dippin' by Hank Mobley

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Sensical Beer

Beer. Tastes nice, sometimes looks nice & the combination of the two is perfect. Unfortunately, I can't brew beer, as much as I would love to. So I can only manage to design it. I have since been sucked into the moleskine owning type of designer, looking through pinterest coming up with ideas. and this was one of them. Puns are involved as with normal design. The illustrations on these beer label are intentionally very lo-fi, quite lino cut-ty.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Here is a Concept; Good Art

 Here is a concept; good art. That's what the 3rd year art students have done. I went to it today (the last day that it was on as it has been a busy week. One of my housemates and close friends is an art student so gave me a reason to go. Her piece; a video installation piece with the theme of mental health problems was a tragic representation of the suffering of those with mental health problems in a specially constructed cinema.

Other pieces includes a piece themed like a 1930's propaganda by Jacob Jones, Sexy Chickens by Rosana, a medical theme with cooking implements and a self styled hater of Duchamp/Hirst by Adam Greig. (click the photos below for more information).

the classdivides issue 2

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Creative Swatched

the tornado of cubes
 So it is exhibition season at university. and this time next year it will be our turn and I am petrified. It is gonna be a lot of work but if it is anything like what I witnessed this week I will be very happy. I have no bias, well maybe a little bit, but most of the work was utterly fabulous. Some of it was a not to my taste or a little lazy. The centre piece was, as you can see above, a cube tornado (of which I helped cut the nets for). Free Beer and Wine on the private viewing which was all good quality; which to be fair I was expecting to need to cut corners in this department how ours next year. Well done Year 3's if you are reading this.

to all those who haven't who haven't been it surpassed all expectations. Get down guys. 3 days to go. 10-4. Brampton Road.

a selection of beautiful business cards from some friends.