Saturday, 27 June 2015

It's been a slow old summer

Sorry to the faithful but no much has been happening in camp James. so here's where I am at, at this moment in time before my holidays commence tomorrow

The Bad
  • I have threaten to redesign my site but with mixed reviews I haven't launched it.
  • I have sent over 200 emails out to company emails and facebook messaged another 50+ to limited replies across the board. 
  • The ones who have replied to my emails have been time wasters.
  • my third year buddies will not be there when I go back in September
The Good
  • I am in talks with a NE based charity about doing flyers to promote and launch the charity into the wider community.
  • I've made the finals of the university branding projects for the Hadfield Trust which upon success or failure will be put up.
  • Summer Projects from uni have come through and will be doing them upon my return to this country so stay tuned for them. 
  • My dissertation proposal hasn't been given the green light but with more work this is so plausible. 
  • I am going to NME as an intern when I get back.

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