Tuesday, 9 June 2015

London Calling. Track Three.

So yeah, I like Jazz. It's not a dirty word, Jazz is one of the most boundry pushing genre of music. I am not talking about the Trad or the big band. Davis, Coltrane, Gordon, Mobley, Shorter, Mingus, Coleman, Monk. All genius' in the field of Jazz. So to do a poster about jazz but reference the best band of all time (personally), you'd think I had gone mad. But Jimmy Jazz by the Clash spells it in an interesting way hence this poster. I chose to make it a poster as it would have more appeal. I do quite like it so may do a full branding so stay tuned.

PS Listen to my Jazz guys. My recommendations are
  • Dexter Calling by Dexter Gordon
  • A Love Supreme by John Coltrane
  • Dippin' by Hank Mobley

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