Thursday, 5 May 2016

Thursday Thoughts; Confidence is a Preference

The end is nigh! is being shouted in our general direction as a class by the tutors. The people who have taught us for the past three years. Its gone quickly. Yes. It has caused me stress. Yes. Am I better for it? probably.

We have been prepping work for the exhibition and for our portfolios and have come to the conclusion that I like my work. I never thought that I would say that. Some of it's clunky, some of it could be tweaked and some could easily thrown in the bin and forgotten about but the few case studies that I could bring up; Conventional Experimental Records, the EU zine, the work for Young Minds (which is being printed), Some of the Brickyard Posters...I could go on.

Confidence is harder than I thought to find but I have found it. I am going to have to cling onto it as long as I can, as I need it for the grillust exhibition. To network with strangers, talk to strangers and then to sell things to strangers. I will HAVE to do it so I WILL do it. That's the best strategy that I have for doing things that seem scary.

To conclude were I thought we were going; If I have confidence in me, the stranger/client will have confidence in me and they will hire me.

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