Friday, 29 April 2016

You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)

 Been making gifs today if you can't already tell. Both of these gifs are for my fictional post punk record label "Conventional Experimental Records"; named after the line in The Mighty Fall song "New Puritan" which is my favourite Fall song (at the minute). It flickers between Jawbone and the Air rifle (album version), The N.W.R.A (album version) or New Puritan (Peel Session).

Anyway, Got Side tracked. I have been meaning to make these gifs because with this being a record company the main output of the label will be records and what do records do; spin. Gifs have come back into popularity with recent introduction to social media. They were a very thing because all websites used them to get that "cutting edge" look because web pages were just static; now they have so many elements that move; they aren't needed as much.

I hope to add these to my website to add movement to portfolio of awesome work (if I say so myself).

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