Thursday, 14 April 2016

Cold Chimpanzees

 Spot the Difference
Arctic monkeys are ten years old. And they sound nothing like when they started. Whatever people say I am that's what I'm not, still remains the exciting masterpiece that it was. I used to have a great respect for Alex Turner and co but that disappeared as the forth album was released. Songs up until that point were lyrical master strokes with kick ass instrumentation. Like I said their first album is faultless. Second is nigh on perfect. Third is a different kettle of fish. Fourth is bland. Fifth is bland.

But the song writing falls apart, with instrumentals far removed from any logical formula, it all just falls apart. Don't sit down cos I've moved your chair pales in comparison to the writting on A Certain Romance. It's all very disappointing at this stage, and then AM comes out. I respect an artists decision to change things up a bit but this I not funny. Slow boring guitar riffs, previously heard drums, bass line of nothing and singing is full of itself.

At this stage, the visual difference in Alex Turner says alot. He is not from Sheffield, he is American. His hair has gone from messy to greasy. His songs aren't poetic, they are covers of johm Cooper Clarke. Now he has reformed Last of the Shadow Puppets and made the dullest album I have heard since Paramore's self titled.

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  1. DJ MaR says:- Dullest not fullest surely??