Thursday, 21 April 2016

Why I love underworld

A band who are relatively new to me despite having some age to them. Designers, artists musicians, underworld have been around since the 80s but became rather explosive in the 90s with rave culture. And the bside with 4 additional letters NUXX exploded on the soundtrack to trainspotting. I have only listen to a couple of their LPs but I have so much love for them it just seems logical to like the band.
Musically it's dance but not as you know it. It's more sophisticated than a lot of the bands going for this. The songs have phases rather than just drop after drop but don't get me wrong Rez does that latter formula so well. The lyrics aren't average of dance tracks either. Declaring love for skyscrapers being the prime example.

For one moment I want to talk about Karl Hyde, now not to inflate his ego if he ever reads this but his voice seems to reference the best of alternative music. Hear me out. On the new rather smashing LP Barbara Barbara, we face a shining future, it is almost impossible not to hear it. It's inflections of Damon Albarn, shouts Mark E Smith, spirit of David Bowie, croons of Julian Cope/ Ian Mcclouch.

I am just so impressed with the musicality of the band too. It's fast, very intense music that manages to stand out characteristically as them in a dance marketplace where it is so easy to sound generic. The synths are layered on thick, the arps just add to the percussive nature of the songs and vocal effects add the icing on.

If you have not listened to these guys before listen to; Two Months Off, Cowgirl/Rez & I exhale and you will understand the power of this band.

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