Wednesday, 21 June 2017

a Fruity Fruity day of music

Short Version >

The guys at work wanted to put together a festival.
So they put together a festival.
I did the poster.

Lunchtime read version >

Taking inspiration from Kate Moross, who is a personal fave since I got her book, Make Your Own Luck. I drew out the posters layout with pen and then scanned it in and this is when the fun began. Colours were cranked up to eleven and added. The drawing was centered. It was live traced so that it could be scaled and manipulated.

Progress being made, it was still looking a bit bare so was asked to supplement it with illustrations of some kind. I wanted a fruity version as that is what you make punch with and they wanted to appropriate an illustration they had already commissioned for a previous project. It was an illustration of Newcastle done for the Hit the North festival. So I did both to please both parties.

With the preference going against me, I coloured the illustration of Geordie town as the line up was being finalised (all band names were place holders beforehand) and it announced last Friday with early bird tickets as cheap as £3 to see 11 of the hottest North East music has to offer and were available on that day.

Below is the final artwork and the Punch logo >

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