Monday, 5 June 2017

Power in the Darkness

Tom Robinson is a man I greatly admire. Throughout his career in music, he has given the world some great tunes and given the chance to younger musicians. He has been political and outspoken on mental health, sexuality and racism. So it gave me great pleasure to do a gig poster for him when he came to Newcastle. Adding pressure was the fact he is touring for the 40 year anniversary of 2-4-6-8 Motorway and doing a benefit for Motor Neurone disease, this had to cool.

The Power in the Darkness fist was supplied and I made it looks like he is standing as the power in the darkness as I cut round the image of him. I supplemented this with some simple typography, not one to over complicate it or use an inappropriate typeface. I tried several ways of showing that it was a benefit show but the one me and the boss liked was the little banner on the bottom with the supplied charity logo.

Tom if you are reading, I hope you like it. Plus I am a huge fan and my dad saw you play the City Hall, Newcastle and you came on to play Waiting for the Man as the roadies were clearing away the gear.

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