Thursday, 1 June 2017

Hey Mama, said the way you move.

What kind of bloke would I be if I had not done a poster for the leftfield Scottish indie outfit Pronto Mama? No kind of man.

Introduced as a band who were just playing Hit the North, a co worker became obsessed with them so much that he decided to put them on at a separate gig and although he didn't need a poster (the venue were gonna do one) I did this little ditty to promote the gig.

It is an interpolation of the bands debut album that came of recently. (it's a grower. Broad accents, brooding horn sections and off kilter rhythms. Well worth a listen.) I have supplied the cover art two so you can see where I am coming from.
It was really fun to do and official tops the list of the amount of flowers I have ever added to gig poster. It's kitsch and I hope I've done the band justice (geddit)

Additional > here is the band epic cover of Franz Ferdinand >

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