Wednesday, 26 October 2016

If your mind is clouded or in a FOG you may have mist some opportunities.

My last week at FOG starts today after two half days; one to look after the dog and the other to go to the Job Centre, I am back for my final week. (Meaning I will be here on my birthday but hey better get used to it).

Christmas Social media banners and adverts were done for the gym this morning as well as writing a blog about John Peel (see that at 10 o clock tonight, the original start time of his show). Hope this afternoon will produce some clarity on the online adverts for the new venture. As far as I know, the strategy is to throw as many things at the internet and see what sticks.

I have finished rendering all the different adverts at different sizes. My instagram style ones I feel still look the best but at the end of the day it's not me who is choosing them; it's the Click through Rate, that will determine whether they work or not. It sounds odd but I would like to see them floating around the internet.
I have been given a positive recommendation on Linkedin by my manager here which is delightful. I might print posters and shirts with it and wear it around the town so people can hire me.

(Taking this too far now, James, aren't we?)

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