Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Trumpet Crumpet

Money can't buy you love. Money can't buy trust. Money can't buy common sense but money can make you a political candidate. Yes, I am talking about a walking quiff; Donald Trump. How is this man popular? How?
He is a racist, sexist, billionaire who people are actually considering voting for to be president of the united states. Has the world gone mad or is it just America? It makes us across the pond look rather normal. They are debating for next year's election and after every single one of them he is the headline. It's the new outrageous thing he has said or it's the way that he behaved. why is he even being considered.
  1. He has said Obama is a Muslim
  2. All Mexicans are rapists
  3. Implying he would, with his daughter
  4. thinks Women don't commit 100% to work
  5. refuse entry to the US for Ebola patients
  6. Suggest the Death plenty is just
  7. wants to repeal Obamacare
Holding up the NRA's dangerous manifesto with both hands
7 reasons why this nut job needs to be stopped and I am not saying by Kanye's bid to be president in 2020 (if it happens), we just need to halt these draconian views that some Americans still hold. This is the 21st century, this is progress, don't let a silly rich man get rid and dispose of progress. 

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