Friday, 11 September 2015

I am the Resurrection

This is now my favourite poster that I have done for the Brickyard. Resurrection are a tribute band to the Stone Roses, and I really love the Stone Roses. That first album melted my face the first time I heard it. Also Love Spreads as a single is fabulous.

Last time. they came to Carlisle, my Rival/Friend Wincent Valden did the poster and it sold out before I managed to get to it. Hopefully this time I will get round to getting a ticket before it sells out. Life goals: to create a poster for a sell out show and it be a famous people/band.

The image is Waterfall by the band and works the best as it actually has composition, my other examples or tests didn't have this luxury due to the abstract nature of most of the covers. The type is massive in the James Reay stylee. I always try my best to do this stamp of James. It has also been stamped with a link to my website which has had a little change up. so go, as the Beastie Boys would say, Check Check Check it out!

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