Saturday, 19 September 2015

Politics week

All of this week, I am rejecting my normal design structure of the blog to do a series of blog posts on politics. I have gotten really political since Gordon Brown entered downing street. That is when I first got engaged with the financial crisis. I remember coming out with a really angry right wing-ish, people should survive by themselves and stand up on there own two feet, in English class. Post rant, I was asked by an orange lady, how do you know so much about politics and simply said I watch the news.

I am now ashamed at my right wingish past, there are many reasons why people are on benefits, (at the time of the rant, benefit fraud was everywhere on the news). In the first post you will find out what wing I am now, followed by my opinions on various subjects effecting world politics.

Between the Credit Crunch and Corbyn; I have been heavily politicised by the singer by Billy Bragg. He is a man who has taught me more about politics and the human condition than school ever did and I would like to share this great video of him singing one of his classics rewritten to fit the times.

*None of the images this week will be mine but the opinions will be.

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