Monday, 21 September 2015

Love -Byn or hate -Byn

Is it really bad that I got over excited by Jeremy Corbyn's win to the labour leadership? Probably not because many people did. He a long term left winger won without my vote, much to my shame; I realised too late. He won with 59.5% of the first round of voting, shocking many people.
        I am writing this as not to promote his awesomeness, no I am writing this to talk about him. He has been "trending" on Facebook since he won, the fact that he did so trended for 3 days and everyday I have seen his name on that list. The media perpetuate his every move making news out of it.
  • The first full day of his leadership, camera's pestered him at his home & as if a few hours in the job, he will of sorted it all out.
  • Announces his first members to the shadow cabinet, few are women & the press take it like it he anti women. 
  • Makes a vague statement about europe & media takes it like he is going to leave europe.
  • Wants to change PMQs to be more civil, the press say it's a lost cause & his MP's don't like it.
  • He did not sing the national anthem, makes the papers on the same day the government agree the tax credit cuts & no one stops to think he has freedom of speech or lack of it. 
  • media says that he is not doing enough, that is he controversial & haven't given him the time or the room to prove himself. 
 I am not saying that it's just Corbyn, the media do this to a lot of people and they need to sort there act out.

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