Friday, 25 September 2015

Eye Spy with my little eye something begining with ...

What happened to spy's that used to spy on international terrorists or world leaders? The spy's are now spying on the citizen's of their own country. This charter is meant to help prevent home grown terrorists attacking our streets and to stop the radicalisation of young people in this country. Solving these issues does not start online, it starts in schools & places of worship. It's all about education, education, education!

Educate these young people that terrorism is wrong, that fighting for ISIS is wrong & wiping out another human life is wrong. How hard can it be? I came out of the school system not too long ago and terrorism was not on the agenda. PSHE or citizenship was 3 hours a week skirting around the realities of Sex education. Religious education; didn't teach tolerance of other relationships it taught Christianity, Christianity & you guessed it Christianity. There is plenty of time in the school system to fit in a simple lesson, just one lesson a term on terrorism and how it is wrong. If it stops home grown terror springing up and stopping a 7/7 happening again, surely that can't be hard.

So stop spying on those people who are watching Bake Off on iPlayer, applying for jobs so that people can better themselves & watching Cat Videos on yotube.

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