Thursday, 24 September 2015


The NHS is genius, genuinely genius and is the envy of a lot of the world. Not least from America, Michael Moore, one of my favourite Americans, visited an NHS hospital in his movie "Sicko" and loved the idea of universal health care for all, which America doesn't have.
I am confused because this government wants a 7 day NHS which means doctors have to sign new contracts so that they have to work on a Saturday and Sunday. Which I agree with. The doctors are not willing to sign them because they are not going to be paid any more money for the pleasure as it will be compulsory in the contract hours. So they are doing more work for the same amount of money. Which we should all be tightening our belts. Lets be honest.
But tagged onto this is that funding for the NHS is running at an all time low. They are trying to run a 5 day NHS on 4 day funding. Next year, they are getting another cut to funding so they are going to be running a 7 day NHS on 3 day funding. This government makes so much sense. Add this again to no pay raise prospects, they are driving people out of the health care profession.

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