Thursday, 17 March 2016

Thursday Thoughts; Twit

So if you didn't already know, I can now be found on twitter, the oddest of all of the social media's in my opinion. I have never been one for celebrities, I just knew that some people were more famous than others. Celebs cannot be found on facebook, pinterest, tumblr but can be found on twitter (some are on instagram but no one wants to see Kim Kardashian selfies or what she ate).

 Twitter gives these people 140 character voice. Now like I said I don't like celebs but notable people are on their and I find it baffling that they interact with people. Celebs ignore you but two notable people have came up on my notifications. Mark Stewart of Pop Group fame liked one post and retweeted my RIP George Martin post. This guy wrote "We are all Prostitutes". The other person is Simon Reynolds, the respected music writer. The author of such books as Rip it up and Start Again and Totally Wired:Post Punk interviews and overviews. He "Followed" me. 

 I only joined to promote work and now interesting people are appearing and interacting with "normal" folk. I will report back with more developments.

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