Thursday, 3 March 2016


 Thursday and it's that time again. No, not pre-Friday drinks, My ramblings.

I don't have a problem with big business. I never have and I never have as long as they pay a fair share to society via tax/jobs they create. However this is not what is or has been happening in recent years. The rich have got away with sweet heart deals with the taxman and have seemingly only created jobs to be filled with political peers of the party the paper follows. 

Murdoch is great at this sort of thing. He seems to own a lot of the media people consume and its insane. Sky News has his input. The Sun has his input. The former winner of Britains most read newspaper (I think) was read by so many people they had to hack into peoples phones for stories. Cos they were that exciting. For the scam, no one high up or mates with camer-wrong got sent to prison despite guilty being on their forehead. It is deeply troubling when people and firms think they themselves are above the law. It creates a culture for generations to come.

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