Friday, 4 March 2016

Depression Crushed me & I don't want it to Crush others

I am not one for pride, I have to go over and beyond to even be remotely proud of my work but this did. I have been working closely with Young Minds (the mental health charity) to produce a zine of people's experiences of Mental Illnesses along with some help if you do start to suffer at university (as many of you know; I have).

It launched yesterday via the Young Minds Website as a downloadable pdf which is available here. and here is my favourite part of this story; The guardian shared a link to it on an article about Mental Health; which can be read here. Me a liberal leftie (aren't these the same thing?) has had something he made shared on the Guardian website. I am sure there will be bigger achievements ahead but this  and
  • Having my name in NME before it came rubbish.
  • Performing a song I have written at an O2 academy (2).
  • Having Courtney Barnett reply to an email I sent her.
  • Completing Resident Evil 4, Devil May Cry & Ratchet and Clank.
 I am doing well. Below I have embedded the zine for your viewing pleasure. Read it! Promote it! Share it! Print it! Just spread the word about mental health.

I did my bit yesterday morning. I needed to speak for two minutes in front of my class about me so I spoke about my Mental Health. I hate speaking in front of people but it went well. It did get a little preachy but It's just who I am it has shaped what I am, what's the point in not mentioning it. Depression crushed me and now i don't want it to crush others. It got a massive round of applause with various well done comments and even a peck on cheek. Thank you class if you listening, Thank you YoungMinds and who ever is reading this.

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