Thursday, 6 August 2015

To Pimp a Editorial

His last album came as a shock to me, I had heard it was awesome from a variety of reliable sources mainly reviews and my close uni friend Vincent (who has just made his own typeface) but honestly thought it was not going to be my cup of tea. but my mind was blown. one day once uni had finnished. I put the long album on and wow. good beats (tick) political lyrics (tick) narrative (tick). So kendrik has been on my watch list from then and his latest album is good but very very very ambitious and hard to wrap your head around.

So a delightful photoset set with a cheerful looking mr Lamar and an enagaing read about his views on the institutional racism that the police in america seem to have against the black community and gun laws in the US of A. this one was really hard because not only was it a long story but the printed version; done by my superior Dani, was brilliant.and had a cool drop cap that breached a new line.

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