Wednesday, 19 August 2015

How did i get into uni?

This is a question, I often ask myself, and to be honest I have no idea. I would like to say it was down to my outstanding grades. It wasn't. I did put a lot of effort into my limited graphic design course, which I am labeling art, sort of. Art, maybe. The anti comic sans course. I will choose one of them.

The only reason I say this as I was sorting through my work and found my portfolio, the very portfolio, untouched, that got me into team grillust, into the next step/branch of my educational adventure. Now by today's standards of my work (not perfect but learning) the pieces in there don't even count as design. The body of work over them ten pages shows a primitive knowledge of Photoshop, an ability to copy/trace pre-existing materials as well as poor type choices.

It is a time stamp. I have just sort of said its bad but it was of its time a brings home the fact that I do not suck as much as my depressed mind sometimes tells me I am. I still love my "Hey Jude" collage, it took hours but just represents how much of a behemoth that song is: especially the LOVE version is.

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