Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Book Club - Drawing Music

I saw a sneak preview of this book prior to it's release on the social media platform instagram at 11:30pm and HAD to add it to my amazon wish list before I went to sleep. So a very tired James, spent the next twenty minutes when he should of been asleep adding this to his wish list.

I bought it the following day or two and it was delivered home a while later (it was a preorder) and when I opened it, it was beautifully. A perfect fusion of quirky illustrations of musicians I did know as well as those I did not. It does boast that it is not a professional book on music. It's all humble opinion & favourites.

It is a recommendation for the illustrations alone and expanding your music eclecticism. It's also a Nobrow book and they are beautiful things in general.

Bonus: the beautiful man did a mural at the urban outfitters in London. Which I saw while at NME. Their vinyl prices are far too expensive.


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