Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Wednesday's Weekly Write Down; Give it a Squeeze

Singles 45's and Under is one of the finest pop albums of all time. If you disagree you are wrong. Glen Tilbrook and Chris Difford at the height of their powers complied in one single album. Side one when then had one of the best pianist/ TV presenters in the band and the second without but the songs have no less merit. They are some of the most perfect songs ever written since the Beatles. Having come out of time with so much anger and political upheaval (Punk), they sound timeless. I am not sure if its bias because one of my favourite songs ever is on it but wow. I am inclined to explain why ever track is so good but just listen. Harmonies, smooth piano lines, funky guitars, powerful bass and choppy drum patterns. The best part was I spent £1 for this gorgeous LP and its one of the most played albums I own.

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