Thursday, 26 November 2015

Third Time Unlucky; Branding edition

West Walls Artists; an art collective that wanted a re-brand for their 21st birthday so I obliged via a live brief from the university. It was only a few weeks ago I knew nothing of this art collective now I know one of my favourite lecturers was a member of this collective. The art ranges from video, to painting through to sculpture. So it was a challenge to fit such a diverse range of artists into one identity.

I chose to do this my using one font family but change to weight of the font for every other letter. Giving it a unity and mix up kinda feel. I was questioned on the decision of why it was orange and with an answer "I like that colour" made me feel like an idiot. That is a pre-school answer. Inital feedback daid that my work was looking a little flat so I don't know if you can see on your monitor but it features a subtle texture. Just enough to bring it out from being flat.
Below is the brochure, artifact, catalog (whatever you want to call it. This document had to feature all of the artists and their contact details (40 plus of them and at least triple as much contact details). It also had to feature the west walls story and exhibition details. So a small but effective little booklet.
But after all of that I didn't get the gig because of reasons that were never explained to me. The client did respond; saying there was a great amount of clarity to the logo and in the booklet. Simple but effective and it is still a great piece. It's now in my online portfolio as is my record sleeve for Back to Basics (whoever they are).

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