Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Unemployment TV

Are you unemployed? Or on the Dole? or just a student? then you will be aware that daytime TV is appalling. and not just the content but the design. These programs are so cheap to make and so boring to watch you think that people would make an effort to make them at least look appealing to the eye. My main aim here the BBC but in my opinion ITV is worse as it just has a long running programs that are just talk fests about meaningless nothing.

 Bad over sized font choice, bland colour and a really naff lense flare. keylines on text as well looks pretty dire.
 I have long hated this idea of houses in a shopping basket as if you can acquire several in one shopping trip. and the homes made of money and the font "Homes" is in. It just hurts.
 Nothing says a program about the police like a light blue. Font is not too bad but the screened effected on the brick hurts. The image of the street to represent the "neighbourhood" is done badly but could work.
The newest program I have seen in the daytime slot. The colors are great and British and gritty and we look like we can get money for you cos we have shadows on our face. We use the road so we need to include a road, obviously.

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