Monday, 30 March 2015

Logos for labels

 I recently set my self the challenge of designing logo's for fictional record companies that could exist. and then later on do the sleeves for some of the releases that may actually be released. so far two ideas have sprung to mind. One (Souled Out Records) while watching the ever topical question time and the other out of boredom (test Pressing records).
Souled out records, despite having the colour scheme of a sport shop, (thinking about changing the colours because of this).  I indended to be the kinda company the would reissue lost soul gems and family favourites. Despite soul music being a very straight forward 4/4 affair traditionally, I decided to mess things up putting text above the baseline where it should be, (cheeky).

Test Pressing Records would be a different kettle of fish, It would be a short run represses out krautrock and early synth pop. Kraftwerk is the band that springs to mind immediately when I thought of this idea. A excellent label called Minimal Wave, does a similar sort of idea and there design is also brill. The O is record so it looking like it is recording at all times.

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