Monday, 9 March 2015

Lager, Lager, Lager

 Hand type is becoming a thing of mine. It's not something I am particularly big on, because my hand writting isn't good and fonts are more regimented and tracked correctly making them better in my eyes. But there is charm in amatureness (inventing words) apparently. according to er... me. When put at a large scale my hand writing becomes character filled and odd.

I am a big beer drinker, if you couldn't tell from my round belly, and while examining the deals, I study the packaging and on certain brands of lager they are going for the hand drawn aesthic (see I bet you thought, this was going nowhere and just a statement). So that's what you see above, is a fusion of my hand drawn type as well as my love of beer.

Above you can see the yellow range, of the CMYK lagers that we offer, fictionally because I don't have a license to sell lager, but i were to they would be produced.

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