Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Groove is in the heart

One day, when I was out tumbling on tumblr of all places I found these marvelous pictures of the very glamorous Régine Chassagne of the band Arcade Fire doing what appeared to be doing a solo show or guessing with a band but the shots were so good, I nabbed them and made these.

Arcade fire's last LP was very rhythm based so assuming that they had listened to a lot of African music to get this influenece, I thought up a club night for this style of music.The name of the event comes from a new up and coming artist called, Lone Lady. WIth regards to colour choices it needed to be bright and earthy so an orange, made great sense. Soil = Brown + brightness = Orange. The green for the background is grass and the over spill colour is the blue of the sky. The font is bebas as with most things I do. I am still very obsessed with it. 

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