Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Lost in Translation.

Have you ever bought a magazine that you could not read? A magazine that you you know that you would love to read? with articles on Sleaford Mods, Wire, Mixtapes and Blur? Well I did on my last day on holiday. Mucchio is a music magazine with a beautiful editorial style, which is the reason I bought it.

The illustrations are lovely and fit so contextually well within the spreads. The colours are lovely, the layouts are dynamic and the back page is advert, which is also well illustrated. My feet do feature in all of the photographs below to demonstrate it's beauty. Hopefully complimented by my fake mockup stylee.

 Front Cover that confused the cashier.
 Lavely coloured illustrations & coloured text dividing the
forms of type without needing to section it off.
 a record illustration built from waves
 Dynamic Layout, very confusing but dynamic none the less
"Hey, should we just use red on white page"
"Nah, just reverse it out and make James gasp"
A music technology festival when I am not there.

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