Friday, 10 July 2015


In the UK, Public signs are usually in a soft edged sans serif like a Arial rounded bold; as seen below in my Hadfield trust site branding. I must repeat road sign are not in this for legibility reasons.
a blog post about the full branding is coming soon
But this is not the case in Italy, a sharp edged font that is my favourite of all of the typefaces (that I have seen)(so far...) was very prevalent in italy. Futura with all of it's quirky little cutting in the letter where would normall be flat and your odd lower case J. It is futura or it is indeed futura-esque,as I like to call it. so below are some of the many examples. with witty intelligent captions to go with them, so brace yourself.
who wouldn't want a floor sized piano?
Catholic Church sounds so much cooler in Italian

unknown Italian designer
brand approves
that metro map look familar.
Underground have you taken a
and the largest use, I have ever seen
Here we see a nice rare example of an italic Futura.
who is that sexy reflection?

The Romans used it in the coliseum...
there he is again

and again in the Forum.
the pope approves of its use in the
first sight on Italian soil
Cos I'm up in a train station at midnight

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