Thursday, 5 February 2015

You must be out of your criminal mind

 We all think politicians are criminals, ripping us off via expenses, their pay and their lack of anything. So these hold them to account for crimes. As per usual politicians think that are above the law so now it is tiem to fight the power. In light of various figures in politics being arrested and charged the system is working. There is a certain satirical appeal to these pieces because under British law a lot of these aren't actually a crime but they should be. especially ed who as you can see if the worst offender of the lot of these mugs.
on another political note, part two of a conservative way to have fun, a publication I first made as a year one project with my associate Vincent, is due to be released soon with as many goofs and gags as the first one but without the help of my associate who is preoccupied with his other jobs to contribute. if you have not seen part one this is unfortunate but also maybe due to the about published were in limited numbers.

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