Saturday, 8 November 2014

Down in Train Station after 10?

I have only tried to upload these multiple times in the past 2 weeks since they were taken.

As per usual I pick my friends up from the train station every time that they go home. It's kind of a tradition cos more often than not I miss the bones off them when they leave. but anyway. on this ocassion the train was delayed so I had to fine something to do while waiting. twiddling my thumbs had no real appeal. So I got out my phone camera and discovered it had a long exposure option and these have always fascinated me, so I Passed the time looking an idiot and moving my camera around.

The result above do vary. The Heart shape is nice, the complete visual chaos and abstract seems to catch my eyes too. Hipsters do this all the time and claim it to be deep and thoughtful but I just like the look. More images in this style are to come...

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