Saturday, 31 May 2014

Highlights; Logo's

 As a designer it is wrong to have favourite projects but when a logo brief comes a long I really like it. It is always a challenge to try and fit an entire company's style and ethos into a single identity and for said identity to be seen everywhere.

This project at uni was creating several logos for stupid and silly companies that could never exist. I worked in collaboration with my friends Vincent, Sophie and an exchange student called 吴吴珊. We were set the challenge to make 9 logos (because our group was so big). We collectively got a decent grade out of all of our hard work. 

The approach for each of the logos was different and the style of each one had to be different for each. Working in collaboration made it easy to decide on which way to do each one was best.
Portable Double Bass
Faberge Scotch Egg

Night Club For Pensioners
Fighting Game for the Under Fives

Jamaican Cheese
Recycled Cardboard Robot
Tree Based Refreshment Drink
Turbo Charged Scooter from the Elderly

Lost Sock Detector

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