Saturday, 10 October 2015

Smint of the Times

the first project back from the summer was on Smints. Smints! We thought as a class thought it was a naff idea but with limited scope and limited time, we had to come up with it quickly.

Apparently idea generation only takes an hour. It took a little longer to come up with my concept but it ended up getting a good grade, a 65 is a good grade. The idea is based on the universal language of road signs and that even non drivers understand some of the at least. It is a campaign aimed at creative people and these people are visual so sought to put two and two together.

Below are the edited versions of the ones that I handed. These are the updated versions, these are less shouty (the originals were all in full caps), there wasn't a reference to link the Smint shape to the road sign shape & I have shrunk the elements on the bottom so they look more cohesive.

It is also a competition on le facebooks for money and prime london advertising space for your advert. I am aware this is technically an advert and I am falling into the trap but money. that is all.


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